★ Setouchi Art Festival 2016 Autumn English Class 2 Island Art Tour ★

Setouchi Art Festival 2016 Autumn

English Class 2 Island Art Tour

~Come and see this exciting tour, on beautiful Takami island and Honjima island~


We have a very special Setouchi Art Festival event in autumn! Come join us!

This is a special opportunity to see these interesting displays exhibited out in the open.  Hosted at one of Japan`s National Parks, each island has a variety of specific cultural and historical modern art.  The locations are unique in their setting in the abandoned buildings on the islands. You will be impressed through the Setouchi Art.  There will be English speaking guides to assist you in understanding more about the islands culture and community through art.  You will not regret coming on this culturally enriching and fulfilling tour of Takami Island and Honjima Island.

Date: November 3rd, Thursday

Meeting Place: Tadotsu Station at 8:00am~,

Cost: \3,000 (\2,040 ferry ticket is included)

(Additional viewing of other exhibitions are an additional cost. Lunch is not included. If you have a Setouchi Art Festival passport, please bring it.)

Space is limited to approximately 20 people.

If you have any questions or would like to join, please email us at abc-ps@muse.ocn.ne.jp



(8am) Tadotsu Station → Take the Shuttle Bus to Tadotsu Port →(9:05am) Depature Ferry from Tadotsu → Art Tour and Lunch break at Takami → (12:45pm) Departure Ferry from Takami Port → Rapid Ferry → Art Tour at Honjima → (5:10pm) Departure from Honjima Port → (5:40pm) Arrival to Marugame Port→ Final Destination Marugame Station



○The tour will visit the most popular art exhibits.

○The tour is subject to change due to traffic on the ferry.

○*Please be aware, there are no vending machines or restaurants on the islands.

Bathrooms are also limited so please take advantage of them when they are available.

○Please don`t litter and carry your garbage out.